the “Belpaese” is like a jewellery box that holds authentic values and beautiful objects that let themselves be experienced by the mind, by the eyes, by the taste, by the heart.


Italy inspires us, its beauty is our strength.

The great cities of art, the small authentic hamlets, the fairytale beaches and the snow-capped peaks, our history, our culture and our extraordinary food and wine heritage: the Belpaese is like a jewellery box that preserves authentic values and beauties that let themselves be experienced by the mind, by the eyes, by the taste, by the heart.

We proudly bring Italy, and especially Puglia, to tables all over the world.


It looks like a painting, instead it is Puglia

Puglia reveals (and sometimes hides) a beauty that is out of the ordinary, it seems to have been born with the mission of relaxing the soul. A rich and fascinating nature and history unfold on a territory that extends for almost 20 thousand square kilometers, to be discovered little by little, even savouring its authentic tastes created by the products of the land.




A land rich in typical and unique aromas, colours and flavours, where the paths of taste are harmoniously intertwined for the quality and variety of its products.

Puglia is an open-air treasure chest of colours, aromas and flavours. From the ocher yellow of the expanses of wheat to the characteristic green of the Alta Murgia Park and the centuries-old olive trees, from the blue of its sea to the white of the castles, the cathedrals, the trulli of Alberobello or the famous Ostuni, up to the red of the grapes that every year give fine wines appreciated all over the world.

Land of passion, culture and tradition

Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea for more than 500 km of coastline, kissed by the sun for almost 365 days a year, caressed by the wind, Puglia is the region of southern Italy that is the richest in agricultural and food varieties. An open-air treasure chest of colours, aromas and flavours.


This mild climate and fertile soil gave life to the granary of Italy and we are proud to bring to tables around the world every day a unique experience that preserves the character of the land that has seen us grow.

Our only headquarters is in Corato, a town located north of Bari in the pre-Murgian area, a few kilometers from the picturesque “Castel del Monte” monument from the period of Frederick II and on the edge of the land of the Capitanata district, the heart of southern Italy, the cradle of the production of the best Italian durum wheat and of the production of pasta, an ancient and deeply-rooted tradition.

It is in this land that the cultivated fields, stretching as far as the eye can see, offer the ancient and pastoral panorama of the mills, hardworking, with a tough character, but with a tender heart, like those who run them, devoted to the creation of a tasty, delicious flour; these mills which sprout up among the wheat plantations that grow tireless and proud with a bright yellow colour.