Granoro Oven Specials are easy to prepare directly without cooking beforehand.


This line brings the aromas of Sunday dishes to the table

Lasagne and Cannelloni are a widely-used variety of pasta in both northern and central-southern Italy and are both made with the basic dough of the classic egg pasta. Granoro’s Lasagna and Egg Cannelloni from “The Oven Specials Line” have a rough and thin rolled dough, are porous and enhance every condiment to the fullest. They are simple to prepare directly without cooking beforehand.

The “Oven Specials

all the goodness of homemade pasta

The “Oven Specials” are inspired by tradition and are recommended for making the most typical recipes of Italian regional cuisine. They all retain the characteristics of handmade pasta: the irregular shape, the rough surface and elasticity while chewing.

Cannelloni di semola n.76

Lasagne di semola n.121

Lasagne con Spinaci n.117

Lasagne all’Uovo n.120


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