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Eating well is living well.

Bring to your table the quality of raw materials, the concreteness of intelligence, the beauty of our land and the authenticity of the history of an Italian family.

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The beauty of the land that embraces us is a promise of happiness

Puglia is a thousand stories, it is made up of different territories but with a common denominator: authenticity. We feel connected to places, to people, and for us this also means giving something back to the land and to the community that hosts us. This is the starting point for our social commitment guided by the principles of sharing, eco-sustainability and products that speak the contemporary language of healthiness.

In order to produce a firm, elastic and fragrant pasta we use only high-quality Durum Wheat, with a high protein content.

the “Belpaese” is like a jewellery box that holds authentic values and beautiful objects that let themselves be experienced by the mind, by the eyes, by the taste, by the heart.

Eat well and stay well

(Ancel Keys)

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Goodness is a way of life, every day.

Discovering a new dish is a bit like rediscovering yourself every time, a delicious dish of pasta is an aimless journey through the intertwinings of taste. Goodness is in the smiles of those who savour, in a forkful of spaghetti with tomato sauce or in a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

At the table there is only one rule: don’t just make do and choose goodness, it is a way of living your life, every day.


Discover all of the Granoro recipes, from traditional dishes to our chefs’ suggestions. Find the perfect recipe for any occasion.

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Family is where there is sharing and affection

Family is where everyday moments are shared. Our pasta, which we bring to the table every day, preserves this feeling and transmits it as a gift in the dishes we serve, enriching the daily lives of millions of families around the world.

Granoro is family, discover it and let us get to know yours.

102 years devoted to pasta: the portrait of the founder of the Granoro pasta factory who died in 2015, “a thinker and an imaginative person who had no limits”

Our extended family is made up of our wheat producers. Controlling the supply chain and respecting the land is one of our steadfast principles.

Granoro has its roots in the history of the Mastromauro family. Over time, that feeling of belonging and that sharing of joy and daily challenges which intertmingle with the events of over a century of Italian history has remained intact.

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Layout, process innovation and product innovation

You can trust Granoro, that dish of pasta is the result of an enormous amount of scientific research, painstaking attention to detail in the production process and compliance with the rigorous parameters of 12 quality certifications.

If you’ve tasted it, you already know: it is a quality pasta, with an intense aroma and colour, typical of that golden-yellow durum wheat that has ripened under the sun, with the right thickness and a balanced cooking time. Find out how the queen of the Italian table was born.


We were the first pasta factory in Italy to undertake the commitment to use fully recyclable paper packaging for the Organic line, and now also for the special formats of the 100% Apulian supply chain pasta, and to reduce the use of plastic on average by 35% for each pack.