Every day the cornerstone of our work is sustainability towards consumers, the environment and stakeholders.


Each production reality is an integral part of the company that hosts it and has the duty of acting according to principles of transparency.

We, at Granoro, accept this commitment responsibly, responding to the great challenges imposed by the renewed global needs.


Already in 2019, we were the first pasta factory in Italy to undertake the commitment to use a kind of paper packaging that is fully recyclable, for all the production of organic pasta of the Granoro BIO line. Now also the special formats of the Granoro “Dedicato” Line, the pasta in the 100% Puglia production chain, will be packaged with a recyclable paper pack – Aticelca® 501. It is not just a question of style but a question of respect and heart


Aticelca® 501 recyclable paper is a paper-film laminated wrapping in which the paper component represents more than 65%, making the package perfectly recyclable as paper (the Aticelca 501 method).

The paper used is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, a non-profit organisation that campaigns worldwide for proper forest management and environmental sustainability.

With this further and important choice, Granoro aims to further and sustainably reduce the environmental impact in terms of CO2 emissions, reducing the use of plastic by an average of 35% for each package.


Our plant is equipped with a tri-cogeneration system with High Efficiency Cogeneration Technology, fueled with mains methane gas, capable of producing a large part (about 50%) of the electricity absorbed by the factory, able to recover thermal energy in the form of superheated water and chilled water to be used in carrying out the technological process of pasta production.


A system with High Efficiency Cogeneration Technology makes an improvement in environmental performances possible, as well as a consequent saving on energy costs and a reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

In fact, the European Parliament has recognized the promotion of cogeneration as an important measure for achieving the objectives of the Kyoto Protocol and, for some time, it has included among its priorities the progressive spread of a correct combined production of electricity and heat.


With our Granoro Dedicato line we have chosen to use only 100% Apulian wheat, the best durum wheat in Italy, which naturally ripens in the sun, without the use of chemicals. The project stems from the desire to support and strengthen Apulian agriculture and the link among farmers, industry and consumers, based on values such as respect for the environment and the recovery of tradition.


Dedicato is the result of lengthy work, a path made up of people, who together have shared ideas, visions, have been committed and have worked for a common goal: to obtain high-quality wheat and a reasonable remuneration that guarantees the development of local agriculture in the future.

Granoro Dedicato is also the first pasta from the Apulian cereal supply chain to obtain the ISO 22005: 08 certification by DNV (Det Norske Veritas), one of the main independent worldwide certification bodies that guarantees PESTICIDE FREE AND GLYPHOSATE FREE certificates.

Thanks to the short supply chain, which completes its cycle in a radius of 150 km, we concretely reduce the environmental impact in terms of CO2 emissions at all stages of production, from the field to the pasta.

  • Agricultural phase: -37%
  • Mill: -3%
  • Pasta production: -14%
  • Distribution: -6%
  • Phase of use: -41%


Choosing organic is a responsible choice regarding both the environment and health.

Our BioGranoro, BioIntegrale and CuoreMioBio product lines are obtained from 100% Italian organic raw materials.

The EU logo of organic farming offers consumers certainty of the origin and quality of products in compliance with standards on environmental impact in the production.

Our goal is to offer you healthy and safe products, controlled throughout the supply chain, from the field to the table.