Granoro carries on the tradition of rough extrusion, in the jargon “al bronzo” (bronze-drawn), with an extruder now made of certified metal alloys compliant with the rules for materials that come in contact with food (EU regulation 1935/04).

It is good to know that …

Granoro has replaced the words “bronze draw” with “rough extrusion” on the labels of its pasta, since roughness is its characteristic.


The extruder used today for the production of pasta, in full compliance with the rules in force (EU regulations 1935/04), are not made of ‘bronze’ but of metal alloys such as Copper and Aluminum or Bronze and Aluminum for the bars or supports, and Brass for the inserts, which are more resistant in the extrusion phase compared to those made of Bronze alone.

Rough extrusion, done with metal alloys, differs from smooth extrusion, obtained by means of extruder with Teflon inserts