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Granoro flours have different characteristics, each with specific technological and rheological qualities, depending on the technique used in processing or preparation: from creams to bread, pizza, various baked products and some types of fresh pasta.

What the numbers “00” – “0” – “1” – “2” mean


At Granoro we select the best varieties of soft wheat grown in Italy and in Europe, to obtain a final product, balanced for the various methods of use in the kitchen. “00”, “0”, “1” and “2” indicate the various degrees of the refining of soft wheat flour: “00” is very white, the others, as you go from “0” to “2” appear darker because the amount of bran increases.

the W value

The strength of flour

The W value expresses the “strength” of the flour, that is the ability to absorb water during the making of the dough and to retain carbon dioxide during leavening. It is linked to the quality of the soft wheat used and therefore to its gluten content.

Granoro “00” flour is very white because it is more refined and is obtained from the heart of the grain of wheat, therefore without any bran. Granoro type “00” soft wheat flour, compared to “00” flours on the market, has a higher level of proteins because it is obtained from quality soft wheat and, due to its rheological characteristics, it is suitable for the preparation of sweets, creams and béchamel. Its W value is between 180 and 200, for doughs that need a balanced leavening.

Granoro “O” flour for PIZZAS has a W value of 250 and a greater capacity for water absorption than common flours. “0” flour is less refined than the previous one and contains a greater quantity of bran, which is a product coming from the outermost part of the grain. It is ideal for pizzas, focaccias and for all types of dough that require medium-long leavening.

“00” Granoro flour for DESSERTS has balanced characteristics to obtain a gluten mesh suitable for allowing a balanced alveolation. It has a W value of 170, ideal for shortbread, pies, cream puffs, cakes, and small pastries and for all kinds of dough that do not require long leavening.

Granoro MANITOBA Flour has a high protein content and high degree of water absorption. It has a very high W value, between 280 and 300, which makes it ideal for croissants, brioches, babàs, cream puffs, panettone and pandoro (two kinds of Italian Christmas cakes). It can also be used to reinforce other flours and in doughs for bread, pizzas, focaccia, cakes and for all kinds of dough that require long or double leavening.

Granoro type “1” flour is a versatile product and thanks to the mixture of grains used it is suitable for any use. Compared to “00” type flour it has a greater capacity for the absorption of water, contains a greater number of bran parts and more fibres, giving the mixed products an amber colour and a delicate taste. It is ideal for all recipes, especially bread, pizzas and desserts.

Granoro MULTIGRAIN Flour is a mixture of ingredients (type “0” soft wheat flour, cereals and seeds) ready for use as it already contains natural sourdough starter.

Its formulation provides a significant amount and variety of natural fibres. Moreover, the presence of whole sunflower and sesame seeds, with oat, barley and malted wheat flours gives the products obtained particularly rustic characteristics and aromas.

Granoro WHOLEMEAL Flour is naturally RICH IN FIBRES because it is obtained from the grinding of the soft wholemeal wheat grain. It is a versatile flour and can be used in all homemade preparations, as it is or mixed with other Granoro flours. It is especially recommended for bread, pizzas and wholemeal products. It gives fragrance, a rustic look and flavour to the preparations.


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