Obtained from the best selection of durum wheat

Durum wheat semolina

Ideal for bread-making

and for the homemade preparation of other fresh doughs

Granoro durum wheat semolina is obtained by grinding high-quality durum wheat. Depending on the granulometry, it can be used for homemade bread, artisanal fresh pasta, desserts, soups, semolinas (used to make soups) and mixed fryings

Reground semolina

The Reground Semolina has a thin granulometry, which makes for good water absorption and ease of making the dough. It is recommended alone or mixed with “00”-type flour for the preparation of fresh pasta: lasagna, tagliolini, orecchiette from Puglia or for stuffed pasta. Also ideal for bread, pizzas and focaccias. Excellent for golden and crunchy fryings.

“Extra Semola”

Extra Semolina has a larger “grain” granulometry than Reground, but still suitable for ensuring good absorption. Ideal for fresh pasta, Roman-style gnocchi and for “semolino” (used to make soups).


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